Energy of a Tossed Ball

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Energy of a Tossed Ball Project

The purpose for the students of the Energy of a Tossed Ball Lab involved learning how to measure the change in kinetic and potential energies as a ball moves in free fall. Since there is no frictional forces working on the ball the total energy will remain constant and the students will see how the total energy of the ball changes during free fall.
1. The ball has potential energy while momentarily at rest at the top of the path. 2. The ball contains kinetic energy while in motion near the bottom of its path. 3. Kinetic energy VS. Time
Kinetic energy VS. Time
Velocity VS. Time
Velocity VS. Time
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The ball loses potential energy on its way down.


7. The kinetic graph was correct as my hypothesis. My potential graph did not start in the same position as my data graph.
9. The total energy is constant for most of the time until the ball is released and caught up and down in free fall, because extra force of the person actions changes the energy. The energy should remain constant because the kinetic and potential ratio energy
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