Enforcement Of Inspections Of Ffl Dealers

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8. Enhance the enforcement of inspections of FFL dealers. In 2014, of the 140,000 FFL dealers in the U.S., only 10,429 were inspected (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, 2015). This means roughly 7.5% of FFL dealers were inspected during the 2014 fiscal year. By law ATF can only inspect FFL dealers once a year, but it seems they aren’t even capable of doing that. Dealers with expired licenses, hazardous store conditions, stolen firearms and a myriad of other issues and safety concerns go virtually undetected and continue to run their business. It is no surprise that the illegal firearms market continues to grow and that firearms dealers contribute heavily to this issue. In making sure FFL dealers receive their annual inspection, it would increase the chance of a violation becoming detected and therefore dealers possibly being more cautious and less likely to conduct illegal transactions. 9. Increase the amount of cameras in parking lots and inside firearms store. By increasing the number of cameras in parking lots and inside stores you are increasing formal surveillance of potential buyers. If dealers placed a camera in the store that had a sign stating the camera was monitored by the ATF or another federal agency, it could deter potential straw purchases by scaring potential buyers. Dealers could also bring customers to fill out paperwork in an area that has a camera with a motion sensor light, another possible scare tactic to make potential buyers second

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