Enforcing the Law on Ethics Essay example

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I think we have quite enough laws concerning ethics. Where we have a problem is in their enforcement, and in the motivation to behave unethically. Personally, I think it is a simple reality that crime pays, and it pays big. Taking the profit out of unethical behavior is where we need to concentrate our efforts, and we should be including the companies where the unethical people work in the equation. After all, if they will have to pay, they will be more likely to police their own people. In addition, we need to educate people from a much earlier age on the social benefits of ethical behavior. Finally, we need to publicize ethical behavior, making it more profitable. There are already so many laws governing ethics that lawyers and judges…show more content…
That certainly works with health inspectors. Between their salaries and their benefits, it would take such a large bribe to even interest them in risking all of it that they would be terrified to take it, since very large bribes are more easily traced. In the recent issue with Martha Stewart, there was a mountain of publicity, and she was jailed and fined. However, it did her reputation o permanent harm and she derived tremendous benefit from what she did with her fellow inmates while in prison. She took temporary losses in product sales and TV ratings, but she is making more money than ever before due to the extra exposure. Perhaps some method should be devised to assess that unethical “windfall” profit and insist that it be donated to some public cause without tax benefits. The media could be recruited to publicize incidents and consequences of both ethical and unethical behavior at all levels of society, though they need to be held to certain standards of proof before they could publish the information. (Some cities control restaurant health standards by publicizing infractions in the newspaper or on TV.) The media should also publish the origins of political campaign contributions. Even ownership of various companies should be made public, as the public should be informed so they can apply their purchasing power to pressure companies to behave ethically. It is difficult to thoroughly
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