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Violence in Music Videos and Music Lyrics has a negative impact on children. Music videos that expose profanity and sexuality are inappropriate and leave a negative impression on young children. Violence in music videos can cause health problem. Music videos that promote negative lyrics are affecting young children. Music lyrics with vulgar languages affect the development and well-being of young children. For example, the study author (Stone, 2009) found “that music with explicit references to drugs, sex or violence can be associated with negative effects on school work behavior and emotions” (p. 2). Media violence not only provokes violence among children, it provokes sexual behaviors. However, Music videos add reinforcement…show more content…
(White, 2009, p. 2) Video games also cause children to develop social problems. Their empathy decreases and they are less willing to help others. Children become antisocial spending less and less time interacting with family members, friends, and playing. They are controlled by what is occurring on the screen in front of them, locking themselves up in their rooms, or away from others just to play endless hours of video games. Video games have progressed over recent years becoming far more violent, sophisticated, and addictive. Studies have shown that the effects of video games and aggressive behavior follow almost the same pattern as that of studies with violent media such as cartoons.
Cartoon violence also leaves a negative impact on children. After the Columbine School shooting, attention shifted from television to other media, such as cartoons. Cartoons in America, generally for children, also form a surprisingly large source of violence. (Clark, 2009) stated “HIGH levels of violence in cartoons such as Scooby-Doo can make children more aggressive.” This behavior includes verbal and psychical aggression. (Clark, 2009) Also found “that children copied at school the verbal aggression they had seen on T.V.” (p. 2) (2nd ed). Watching cartoon increase real- life aggression in children. Children become aggressive toward their classmates by causing
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