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Tonya Bennett Professor Laura Hicks Eng 1115 28 June 2014 Left to Right: From Brouwer to Horowitz It is clear that the political spectrum has two distinct sides, where leftist or liberals are constantly competing with rightist or conservatives to promote their political ideas. In the case of Steve Brouwer and David Horowitz: it is no different. Each of these writers clearly define where they stand in the political spectrum. Brouwer’s stance is on the left or liberal unlike Horowitz where he maintains more conservative views on the right. In this essay, I will contrast the writings of Steve Brouwer’s “If We Decided to Tax the Rich”, and David Horowitz’s “The Intellectual Class War.” Although some superficial similarities exist, the…show more content…
In David Horowitz’s “The Intellectual Class War,” he sees things differently than Steve Brouwer in regards to political partnerships. Unlike Brouwer, who claims that conservatives hold more power with corporations, Horowitz’s view is that corporations simply avoid politics because it is simply not in the interest of corporations. Horowitz says that “To become identified with the hard political position is to become a target for opponents who control the machinery of regulation and taxation and exert life-and-death power over business (Lazere 294).” Horowitz maintains that when corporations need favors that it does not matter what political party a politician is associated with that they are all interchangeable. Horowitz also contests that the left has considerable influence within universities and media. Horowitz says “The institutional and financial support for the left-through its dominance in the universities, the book publishing industry, the press, television news, and the arts-is so overwhelming it is hardly contested (Lazere 296).” Horowitz describes the welfare system as a “proven disaster,” unlike Brouwer, who describes it as a “progressive labor-backed program (Lazere 292,297).” Horowitz maintains that the right is just as concerned with how to help the poor as the
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