Eng 125, Week 2 Essay

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Themes and Narrative Elements in a Short Story By Leslie Residor Introduction to Literature ENG 125 Instructor: Kayla Ward July 4th, 2012 Many short stories have been written throughout time. Many are just for entertainment, but many of them are for teaching a lesson. Little Red Riding Hood was written partly to teach a lesson. In France, a girl that loses her virginity is said to have “seen a wolf.” That is what this story is based on. Little Red Riding Hood is about a little girl that runs in to a wolf in the forest as she is on her way to her grandmother’s house. Her grandmother was ill and her mother baked some food to make her feel better, in which Little Red Riding Hood was taking to her grandmother. When she met the…show more content…
A character is just that, a person that is made up in a story. Each person in the Little Red Riding Hood is a made up character that the author came up with. For example, the wolf in the story talks. How many wolves can talk? In the Little Red Riding Hood, it is necessary for the wolf to talk in order to make a point and get to the end conclusion. In order for the wolf to find out where the grandmother lived to devour her and her granddaughter, the wolf would need to communicate with Little Red Riding Hood. In order to explain the point the author is trying to make in this story, which is what the girl goes through when and after she loses her virginity. For example, the author used the wolf to symbolize the loss of her virginity. However, the story cannot end where the wolf meets the girl in the forest. Therefore, the author carries on with the story to possibly portray another part of the lesson, which could be the death of the child symbolizing the criticism that was explained above. Every story has a point to it and the point the author is trying to make may be different than what the readers take from it. As explained above, there is a theme to every story along with the use of characters and the use of symbolisms. However, each author has different forms of writing and the author of the Little Red Riding Hood displayed one form of writing.
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