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Film Critique Eng – 225 Instructor – Alex Vuilleumier November 25, 2012 The purpose of this paper is to analyze the movie called “Steel Magnolias” (1989) directed by Herbert Ross. Steel Magnolias has been one of my families favorite films for many years; however, my intentions are to carefully critique the movie based on storytelling, acting, cinematography, edit, sound, style, and finally my interpretation of the film from a critics point of view. Storytelling and review should start with the Goethe’s three questions then the truth test. “from late 18th/early 19th–century poet and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s autobiography that form the basis of virtually all critical reaction to theater, film, literature, or…show more content…
Herbert Ross was adamant about shooting Steel Magnolias on location in Natchitoches, Louisiana, the actual town in which the action of the story took place. He felt that the character and flavor of the picturesque small town would bring the story to life. Most of the sets used throughout the shoot were real places, and many local citizens were used as extras, giving the film a feeling of authenticity. For her role as salon owner Truvy, Dolly Parton even trained for a time with local beauticians. "There were even brave people from Natchitoches who volunteered to have me do their hair," said Parton in her autobiography, "although I doubt many of them knew exactly how courageous they were"(www.tmc.com). Editing is a true art form. The editor strives to impart visual variety to the picture by skillful shot selection, arrangement and timing. He recreates rather than reproduces the photographic event to achieve a cumulative effort often greater than all the actions in individual scenes put together. A motion picture is a custom-made jigsaw puzzle in which filmmakers fashion the individual pieces. Each piece requires special attention so that it will merge harmoniously with pieces surrounding it. Many editors prefer to make their cuts on movements so that the actual switch from one shot to another is masked by the action. The editing in Steel Magnolias uses wipes and fades to transition from one scene to the other. The editor uses
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