Eng 225 Week 3 Final Film Critique Outline

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The Elephant Man

English 225 Introduction To Film

I chose to critique the film “The Elephant Man” it is an iconic filmmaking endeavor. Director David Lynch shows the sadness and the scariness of deformities onto the audience in a way that touches your heart and leaves you with a sense of sadness and will also leave a tear in your eye. Most of the people who have watched this film are touched and completely changes the way they view crippled, weak, and deformed people in this world.
The start of this film begins with Joseph Merrick’s incredible story being written into a play by Bernard Pomerance in 1979. This play is actually still performed from time to time and a wonderful play to see. Lynch’s film version was released
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Merrick was found lying down in this manner when he was discovered the next day. Because of the peaceful state of his body it is supposed that he chose his death in this manner. Although the scene lacks evidence, Lynch stays true to at least what is known and believed. Lynch also gives a final grace and dignity to the character of John Merrick which allows the film to end in a way that is touchingly appropriate.

As Merrick’s “proprietor,“ Freddie Jones plays a ruthless menace and desperate part of man his greedy and delights in the suffering and controlling of those weaker than himself. Michael Elphick plays a horrible night porter who orchestrates an excruciating scene of humiliation in Merrick’s hospital room in which Merrick is put on display naked before paying onlookers. Anne Bancroft as Treves’ wife, provides the needed compassion as she shows Merrick kindness in the face of a lifetime of women screaming at his physical ugliness. The supporting cast deliver spot on performance that give validity and weight to the plot.

Today, “The Elephant Man” remains a highly-acclaimed film and emotional masterpiece. Expertly directed, written, and performed, with an old style cinematography and classical music, the film can be seen as a return to the days of black white film. The emphasis on character and acting skill was an original move by Lynch during a time when special

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