Eng 227 Week 5 Essay

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This is an outline of the three-step writing process, which should apply to your analysis of a Week 5 scenario presented in the Negative and Bad News Message tab. Answer the case questions related to each step directly on this form. For the three-step process questions, you may use short phrases and sentences for your answers. Then add a page break, and write a message as directed in the Negative and Bad News Message tab and save the document as one file. Student name I. Plan A. Analyze the Situation 1. What is your general purpose? To write a Negative and Bad New message. To convey the message to the audience in a way that will not have negative consequences for E227 Global Solutions in the future. It has to…show more content…
How effective the new key note speaker Dr. Binter can be to reach audiences internationally with his medical technology, as well as the attention he can promote. C. Organize the Information 9. What is your main idea? To first thank Maribel for all her contributions and collaborations with the company, and being a key note speaker for as long as she has. Then tell her how this is an opportunity for a new key note speaker with new technology as well but with an international reach. 10. Will you use the direct or indirect approach? I will use the indirect approach to soften the blow, but to also explain how valuable she is to us. 11. Why are you using the approach you chose? So that she will remain a supporter and collaborator with E227. II. Write D. Adapt to Your Audience 12. How will you show sensitivity to your audience's needs? By explaining how much we appreciate her collaboration and contributions over the years, and how much we still need her. 13. How much credibility do you already have with your audience? Enormous amount of credibility. 14. How will you establish the additional credibility you need? By giving her the opportunity to continue her collaborations in future endeavors and conventions. 15. Will your tone be informal or more formal? Formal, to keep it professional. E. Compose the Message You DO NOT have to
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