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1. Silence Dogood was a pen name used by Franklin to write while he worked as an apprentice at his older brother’s printing shop in Boston. Franklin used Mrs. Dogood’s name as a cover so that he could get his writings published without his brother knowing. Poor Richard’s Almanac was the name of a series of issues that Franklin created with numerous sayings that became well known and respected. Poor Richard served to get Franklin involved in public life on a more formal basis since it was the reason many people knew his name. I believe that both Silence Dogood and Poor Richard were autobiographical to some extent because they allowed Franklin to express his ideas and opinions on various subjects. I can also see how Franklin may have used …show more content…
While these descriptions may have been true of some Americans, I don’t think it was necessarily true of the majority. One major impact that his writings had however was that they gave some insight into the differences of life in the American colonies as compared to Europe. His writings also represented the idea of the “melting pot” of America since his descriptions seem to describe a common group of men that came from different cultural backgrounds.

3. Thomas Paine seemed to be a man who was embittered from all the failures of his life. I think he was very angry early in life due to his inability to hold a position as a sailor, government tax collector, or as a schoolteacher, most likely due to his seemingly opinionated nature. “Common Sense” was one of the things he was best known for since it added to the fire of the revolution and roused people against British attempts at peace. As for what he writes about in “Common Sense,” I agree with it. Society is a place where most people find pleasure and government is the restriction of that. Government acts as a structure that keeps things in line with the law and keeps anarchy from breaking out but used inappropriately it can be a vice against men. In reference to structure of government in Britain he remarks ,”the palaces of kings are

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