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| University Library User Manual | Prepared by Team A | | Christine Polatis, Tchangwe Nchumuluh, Bryan Thomas, Emily Glasser, William Cross, | 1/21/2013 | | University Library User Manual Contents Online Access to Course Textbooks 5 My Papers 7 Grammar and Plagiarism Review: 7 River point Writer: 7 Grammar and Writing Guides 7 Element K Tutorials 8 Websites for Aid 9 Center for Mathematics Excellence 9 Step-By-Step Math Review 9 ALEKS Running Start - Practice 10 Building Math Confidence 12 Student Labs 13 Learning Team Toolkit 15 Useful Links 21 Submit a Paper for Review 21 WritePoint® 21 CWE Review 21 Plagiarism Checker 22 Reference and Citation Generator 22 APA Information 23…show more content…
Answers are not provided but assistance in learning the correct steps is provided. Navigating to this resource is easy to do- after the student logs into their online account; a student needs to navigate to “Library” and then “Center for Mathematics Excellence.” Within this resource, there are several tools that are very beneficial for a current or soon to be math student. Step-By-Step Math Review Step by Step Math review is a video section that gives practice and reviews for MATH/208 and MAT/116 courses. An engaging and beneficial way to learn waits to expect from these upcoming courses. ALEKS Running Start - Practice Within the Center for Mathematics Excellence is the Aleks Running Start program. It is designed to refresh the student’s mind of upcoming or current classes. Self-assessments, reviews and practice assignments are available. Building Math Confidence Building Math Confidence is a tool of the Center for Mathematics Excellence to help students get more confident in their mathematical abilities and skills. In this section, students are taught how to relieve their stress and perform better during assignments and homework. Tips and tricks are given to students for studying and improving their actual testing performance. This section is also designed to help first time math students at the University of Phoenix to get a good understanding of their upcoming math course(s). All aspects of the classroom and what to expect will be

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