Engagement Strategies At The Nguyen Family

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Engagement Strategies Strategies to engage and successfully join the Nguyen family must include not only fundamental social work skills, but cultural engagement skills as well. First, as with every family, it is crucial during the first meeting with them to reiterate that it is their right to choose (or not) to engage with a worker. This engagement strategy is particularly important because it reinforces the family’s autonomy despite their need of services. If the family feels forced into working with a social worker, presumably the members of the family will not readily provide information and it will be impossible to effectively address the goals and best interests of the family. Secondly, engagement of the Nguyen’s requires emphasis on the strengths of the family. This is important for both the social worker and the family. For the social worker, awareness of strengths is vital because these strengths provide a framework for planning an intervention or referring services that will help the family truly thrive. Moreover, recognizing strengths helps the worker remain optimistic that the family possesses capacities that provide an impetus for lasting, positive change in family functioning. Similarly, for the family, focusing on building strengths and skills removes the sentiment that they are hopelessly dysfunctional and inspires belief in their own abilities as both as a family and as individuals. Working with this family requires willingness to distinguish each…

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