Engaging Employees : A Case For Improved Recruitment And Retention

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Engaging Employees: A Case for Improved Recruitment and Retention
Chris W. Hengstenberg
Florida International University

Executive Summary
A trend has developed with regard to this organization’s recruitment and retention efforts that has the potential to develop into a significant challenge both financially and logistically. Since the economic recovery began in our community in 2011 (COS, 2012), the recruitment and retention efforts of our Human Resources Division (HRD) has struggled to keep pace with the attrition rate of retiring employees and the growth rate of city government, in terms of new positions and re-funded positions. In broad terms, this is exceptional news for a community that was decimated by the Great Recession and a
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Without a strong and renewable human capital resource to provide the delivery of that service, the ability of this city’s administration to continue its long tradition of delivering “quality service at a reasonable cost” will be significantly compromised (COS, 2011). It takes people, engaged and educated, to give this community the public goods it has come to rely on this administration to produce. This city’s motto of “come grow with us” has to reflect the growth of the administration’s capabilities to meet the demands of an increasing population that relies more and more on it’s government to meet many of the daily basic needs of it’s residents. A greatly improved recruitment and retention commitment are key to the success of this administration addressing its citizen’s needs.
This policy advocacy memo is intended for evaluation and review by the members of City Council and the City Manager. This paper will present the charter officers with a formal review and background information regarding the current recruitment and retention challenges, an assessment of three commonly used and accepted policy alternatives (maintain status quo, initiate recruit/employee incentives, or implement an active employee engagement program), followed by a recommendation for a policy decision and implementation plan. It is felt that the implementation of a strong employee engagement plan that focuses on acculturation, acceptance, and appreciation will greatly improve both new
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