Engaging Men, Changing Gender Norms

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This week we delved into the topics of masculinity in relation to, transforming gender norms, hegemonic masculinity, fatherhood, and the work place. The articles that I found to be the most interesting were that of Engaging Men, Changing Gender Norms: Directions for Gender Transformative Action by MenEngage and Hegemonic Masculinity Rethinking the Concept by R.W. Connell. From the article Engaging Men, Changing Gender Norms: Directions for Gender Transformative Action I noticed a lot of the suggestions for transforming gender were suggestions I had personally reflected on. For example, the idea to "work within public institutions" is an idea that I had considered as I think that socialization at school often occurs from teachers that teach their students that boys and girls are different and that boys are superior. I think…show more content…
I like that this reading provided history of hegemonic masculinity and provided the theories of the ever changing term. Something that stood out to me was the idea that, we need to distinguish between "patriarchy and gender" (Holter, 1997,2003). I think that a lot of people to connect the two terms, we I think of patriarchy I think of power over the female gender. When it's slightly more than that. I think that men conform to masculinity and all of the socially constructed attributes just as much as women conform to femininity. I feel that once we drop the image of the ideal man or woman the issues of masculinity and femininity won't be as big of an issue. The two attributes seem to be directly linked to heterosexual attraction. Once our society stops selling this idea of attractiveness in a fixed category in media we can start shaping our own ideas. And there will be more room for people to be non
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