Engaging The Adult Learner For Adult Learners

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Engaging the Adult Learner
Jeffery Collins
COLL100 B100 Fall 14
American Military University
Dr. Gibson Engaging the Adult Learner
Engaging adults during the learning process is an action that encompasses the use of skills to conquer their concentration and interest. The engagement is performed to ensure the adult learners will immediately identify with the information and the objective of the teaching. Once the identification and objectivity is formed learning is able to proceed. Therefore, the engagement process for adult learners must be unique and display sensitivity in an effort to achieve learning. Moreover, it is necessary for adults to know their efforts put towards lifelong learning will have meaningful value later.

The overreaching goal of engagement during the instructional process is to achieve learning (J.J Keller & Associates, n.d.). Learning is the process by which a new skillset or information is acquired through review, practical exercise, and experience to name a few producing understanding or skillfulness (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). In an effort to facilitate learning during engagement of the adult learner, considerations should be applied and adjusted if needed to the presentation of the material which contributes to optimal learning. Optimal learning for the adult provides for engagement and allows retention of knowledge to transpire which is impacted by the training approach of the instructor (Kelly, 2006). The instructor’s teaching
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