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Engaging with society

EWS2601 – Assignment 3
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Activity 1

1.1 We have seen in the discussion up to now that race played an important role in creating South Africa as we know it today. If you were to speculate about future trends, how important would you say race would be as a factor in South Africa in the future, especially when compared with class? Do you think there is a chance that greater solidarity could develop along class lines in the future? Give reasons for your answer.
1.2 Could they have become members of the upper class in the 20th century if it had not been for the colonial policy of segregation and the
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They form around 10% of the 22 million over-18-year old black South Africans and contribute up to 40% of the spending in this group. This segment is growing rapidly.
Figures at the end of 2008 show that their number was growing at 15% recession,”
(Simpson, 2010). This being said the opportunities being offered to this LSM 7 to 10 group is due to the state’s support to maintain their position through the enforcement of policies such as affirmative action and BEE, and circumstances do not allow the development of a strong and independent black middle class, one could speculate that race will be more important than class. It has gone 20 years since South Africa found its democracy, yet it doesn’t seem that our previously disadvantaged nation seem in dependant enough to believe that the law should changed in order to afford other race groups equal opportunity.
Although there has been great strides in the Black diamond market towards educating themselves, as well as capitalising on the opportunities of finding better jobs in order to support their lifestyles, it does still seem that the attitude amongst them seems to be more of this is “due to us” instead of the idea that our great father of the nation, Nelson Mandela had, believing that at some point there should be equality for all.
Another factor, of course, is the position of the black
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