Engine Line Of The Engine

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Engine line
The engine arrives from the engine plant. The transmission is matted to the engine here. The motors, exhaust pipes, suspension, axles, drive shaft, gear box, wheel drums, gas tank and other components are brought together by workers with the help of robotic arms. The total assembly is called the chassis.

Chassis line
This is the marriage station where the body is married to the chassis. This happens by a series of coordinated movements. The body and chassis are brought into a caged enclosure. Hydraulic arms lift the body and place it on the chassis in one smooth motion. Bolts secure the connection. The marriage is complete in less than a minute. Then workers install steering assembly and brake systems. The complex instrumental panel arrives at the right time in an overhead conveyor. Skilled persons with the help of machines install the panel into the car.

Final line
Robots equipped with suction cups remove the windshield from a shipping container, apply a bead of urethane sealer to the perimeter of the glass, and then place it into the body windshield frame. Robots also pick seats and trim panels and transport them to the vehicle for the ease and efficiency of the assembly operator. The car is fitted with seats and tires. The doors are reunited with body. Gauges are used to test the fit of the panels. Finally the electrical system is checked.

Pre-delivery area
The car arrives at this station. The road simulation test is done here. Various functions including…

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