Engine Line Of The Engine

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Engine line The engine arrives from the engine plant. The transmission is matted to the engine here. The motors, exhaust pipes, suspension, axles, drive shaft, gear box, wheel drums, gas tank and other components are brought together by workers with the help of robotic arms. The total assembly is called the chassis. Chassis line This is the marriage station where the body is married to the chassis. This happens by a series of coordinated movements. The body and chassis are brought into a caged enclosure. Hydraulic arms lift the body and place it on the chassis in one smooth motion. Bolts secure the connection. The marriage is complete in less than a minute. Then workers install steering assembly and brake systems. The complex instrumental…show more content…
Once the car passes the test, it is subjected to real world weather conditions like rain. This is done to assure that water doesn’t enter the interior. Then the car is tested on the test track, which has challenging surfaces like bumps and potholes. Design Introducing a new model of automobile generally takes three to five years from inception to assembly. Ideas for new models are developed to respond to unmet pubic needs and preferences. Trying to predict what the public will want to drive in five years is no small feat, yet automobile companies have successfully designed automobiles that fit public tastes. With the help of computer-aided design equipment, designers develop basic concept drawings that help them visualize the proposed vehicle 's appearance. Based on this simulation, they then construct wax models that can be studied by styling experts familiar with what the public is likely to accept. Aerodynamic engineers also review the models, studying airflow parameters and doing feasibility studies on crash tests. Only after all models have been reviewed and accepted are tool designers permitted to begin building the tools that will manufacture the component parts of the new model. Design For Assembly Design for assembly (DFA) should be considered at all stages of the design process, but especially the early stages. As the design team conceptualizes alternative solutions, it should give serious consideration to the ease of
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