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A Summary of “Crossing the Chasm”
By Jonathan S. Linowes, Parker Hill Technology
Geoffrey A. Moore, Crossing the Chasm, Marketing and Selling High-Tech
Products to Mainstream Customer (revised edition), HarperCollins Publishers,
New York, 1999
The high-tech marketing guru (and principle of The Chasm Group marketing consultants), Geoffrey Moore offers time tested insights into the problems and dangers facing growing software companies, and a blueprint for survival. This classic text (first published in 1991) is widely accepted as “the bible for bringing cutting-edge products to progressively larger markets.”
For the benefit of the reader, while I do not presume to do justice to Moore's book, I attempt to summarize key points
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When this happens, the cost of sales goes way down, and the leverage on incremental R&D to support any given customer goes way up. That's one of the reasons pragmatists make such a great market…
"They like to see competition… Pragmatists want to buy from proven market leaders because they know third parties will design supporting products around a marketleading products… aftermarket…
"Overall, to market to pragmatists, you must be patient. You need to be conversant with the issues that dominate their particular business. You need to show up at the industry-specific conferences and trade shows they attend. You need to be mentioned in articles that run in magazines they read. You need to be installed in other companies in their industry. You need to have developed applications that are specific to their industry. You need to have partnerships and alliances with the other vendors who serve their industry. You need to have earned a reputation for quality and service. !"
"Pragmatists are not anxious to reference visionaries in their buying decisions. Hence the chasm. Four fundamental characteristics of visionaries that alienate pragmatists:
1. Lack of respect for colleagues' experiences.
2. Taking greater interest in technology than in their industry.
3. Failing to recognize

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