Engineer Wonders of the Qin and Han Dynasties to The Roman Empire

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I have been fortunate enough through my travels to have trans versed the Great Wall of China, which was constructed by Qin Shihuang in order to unify the six states, he ordered General Meng Tian to connect the existing walls and to extend them further as a front line defense against possible invasion, it was an exhilarating experience, the piece of the wall I started to ascend, it was extremely steep with four levels, the configuration of the wall was unusual, in the design of the steps, they were built in a non–uniform format. The steps ranged in various sizes, from approximately 4” to what seemed like 12”, so in turn , it made the climb very uncomfortable, it also showed me that I was defiantly out of shape, but I did eventually make it to the second level, and looking over the mountain terrain, and along the hillside where it was built, I had a rush of adrenaline and realized that the Wall of China, was every bit as exhilarating to me today, as the day it was constructed. This engineering, of the Qin dynasty was truly an amazing feat. I will examine some key elements, while comparing the Qin, and Han dynasties, to The Roman Empire. Both cultures had implemented an impressive, society by introducing engineering wonders, an extensive political system that managed vast amounts of people, and a military to rule over their territories. While looking at the Han, Qin, and Roman structures, one interesting tidbit of information was that the great WALL of China is the only
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