Engineering 1000 Research Paper

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Engineering 1000

Design Your Process for Becoming a “World-Class” Engineering Student

Semester Project

James Martin

1) Goal Setting
a. Set your goal(s), which major/concentration to choose, time to graduation, GPA, ect.

My goals right now are to achieve the highest understanding that I can in my class and ultimately graduate with a Bachelor of Science. What I will learn now will impact how I solve problems when I am out in industry. The one that can do it the fastest and most efficient will get the job. For my major Engineering, I am leaning toward mechanical. I would like to get my masters in environmental to ultimately try to save our planet. The amount of time that I am planning on being in school is ultimately is as long
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Being able to take in the information that is presented and being able to apply it is a crucial tool that is needed in order to be successful. One of the assignments that we were given in ENGR 1000 was that we were tasked to see what type of learner we were. Everyone has their own unique way of learning and I myself feel that I am more of a visual learner than verbal. There are eight different characteristics on a scale from one to ten which means there can be fifty thousand and four hundred different possibilities. This is why it is important to know and understand what type of learner you are because you are only one of that fifty thousand and four hundred. You could and are very likely spinning your wheels trying to learn things the wrong way if you truly don’t understand how you learn. I can read a book cover to cover and at the end, sometimes I could not tell you what I have just read. After taking that survey I was surprised at how much I was heavily leaning only on visual and not verbal. Just this one alone was putting me at a disadvantage in my education because I was only really taking in half of what I could be. I have started to rely different learning styles so that I can be more we
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