Engineering An Empire Analysis

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Engineering an Empire is the name of the documentary I have chosen from the HUB. I give a four out of five to this documentary. Engineering an Empire is a documentary that talks over how Egypt’s engineering has impacted the world in many ways. It as well demonstrates how architecture has a lot to do with Egypt’s way of living. For example from believes, working, ruling, to just over all their way of life. It started five thousand years ago when one civilization which was Egypt had built the impossible and unimaginable. The pharaohs of Egypt built the ancient world’s first stone mono lift, its tallest building, oldest dam, most impenetrable fortress, greatest city, and the ultimate monument to run rules ego. What Egypt’s message from all of…show more content…
The king provided to the Egyptians not just from his life but in the life to come. The dam he had built is the corner stone in Egypt’s building legacy of feat that would inspire generations of pharaohs to attempt every bigger, ever bolder feats of engineering. The empire of Egypt was born around three thousand B.C. when Menes finally united all of the people under one flag. The Nile River has to do with it all and especially since the world’s first empire was here not somewhere else. The Nile River was very important to the Egyptians for example they didn’t need cars or any roads because that was their transportation. The Nile River would travel south north and you could use the wind from south north to come out. They would transport many things from people, grain, tools to much more. For example now in day all around the world people still use boats to transport many things for example animals, cars, and furniture. I find it amazing how their architectural life changed many things and how some people would see way of life. For example the pharaohs started building for the
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