Engineering : An Essential Pillar For Industrial And Technical Development

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Engineering has always been an essential pillar for industrial and technical development. Engineering is what keeps our people moving and up-to-date with technology. It is a satisfying career, both financially and mentally. The objective of this assignment is to interview a practicing Engineer who has worked or is working in the area of project management. This assignment provides a glance for future engineers into the daily routine of a professional and experienced Engineer, and the approach he/she pursued in order to arrive at the position they presently occupy. I recently interviewed Saeed Salim, a project manager at Al Barrak Electrical Contracting Company, located in United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Saeed is my dad’s friend. On…show more content…
He was supervising the installation of overhead lines and high voltage substations. Everything was new for him, and he had to adapt to the various changes he encountered in U.A.E. After ten years of working in the Water and Electricity department, Saeed received another job offer in a private company named AL Barrak Electrical Contracting Company, where he was offered a project manager position, which is his current position as well. He was more comfortable working with the second company, as this opportunity allowed him to combine the technical aspects of a position with management duties. Working in Al Barrak, he is capable of designing, maintaining and developing electrical control systems and components to certain specifications, concentrating on economy, quality, and sustainability. He is involved in projects from the idea and detail of the specified design through to implementation, testing and handover. He is also involved in projects that require people in his field to work as a team. The team would usually include engineers from other specialist areas, as well as marketing staff, technicians and manufacturers. He sometimes works with representatives from client organizations. Working in a different company, Saeed had to take a bigger responsibility and work harder to prove himself and show that he is capable of facing
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