Engineering Application Software Part 2 Essay

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Engineering Application Software Part 2 Assessment Requirements National/Institute CSU Code UEENEE/ETPD004B Institute Subject Code ETPD004B2 CSU Purpose (extract from the CSU descriptor) This competency standard unit covers the use of computer applications relevant to engineering support work functions. The unit encompasses installing software, applying user preferences, using application menus and tools, entering and retrieving information, working with groups and transferring and printing files. In this class it will require the learner to undertake an investigation into the types of software tools (applications) used in the performance of the role they undertake in the power industry. Successful completion of this module will be achieved by the submission of satisfactory reports containing the elements described below in regard to two software tools. The report should address the items:- Name of the application package. Wireshark Overview of its purpose. Wirshark is a network packet analyzer with many applications including network troubleshooting, analysis and software development. Wireshark can be used from within its graphical user interface (GUI) or from a command line, and is available on most operating systems. Description of its key functions. Wireshark allows the user to select a network adapter, and then capture in real time the network traffic visible to that adapter. The displayed network packets can then be filtered and inspected by the user. Key
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