Engineering At Scientific Engineering Corporation

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Henry Larsen, director of engineering at Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) is the sponsor of a new project to provide qualification and production of Shuttle Launch Booster components, dubbed “Orion Shield.” Henry, as the project sponsor, has chosen to appoint Gary Allison, a mechanical engineer, with the position of project manager, despite Gary’s inexperience in the field of project management. This appointment was supposedly due to Gary’s technical knowledge, for which Henry proposed he would rely upon, and touted by Henry as being a great step in Gary’s career. Due to Gary’s inattention of Henry’s comments during the initial meeting regarding Gary’s appointment as the project manager, Gary failed to realize that
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However, from Henry’s perspective, there is an alternate material solution. Henry knows STI and NASA will not entertain the notion of using a currently untested material, given the potential threat to public safety. Therefore, when Gary raises concern over the current material’s inability to meet the technical specifications of the proposal, Henry uses threats and intimidation to persuade Gary to submit an uncompliant proposal without disclosing the technical specification issues. Under a different but equally technical guise, before accepting the position of project manager, Gary should have displayed “initiation” and “planning,” by taking time to investigate the roles, responsibilities, qualities, tools and techniques of a project manager, identifying the key attributes that define Orion Shield, and speaking with Elliott Grey to identify the standard SEC process for managing a proposal and project (B. Ingram, personal communication, October 15, 2015). Only until Gary had fully gained an understanding of his duties and those of the Orion Shield stakeholders (i.e. the customer, end user, functional areas, vendors, suppliers, general public and opponents involved in the proposal process), should Gary have accepted the project manager position (Schwalbe, 2015, p. 8).
Throughout the term of the project, Gary failed in most of Schwalbe’s (2015) 10 key project management knowledge areas (p. 12). From the beginning and through the
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