Engineering Business Functions Essay

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Table of Contents P1.1 DEFINE ENGINEERING BUSINESS FUNCTIONS. 2 P1.2 Outline the Interrelationships Between Different Processes and Functions of an Engineering Organisation. 4 Analysis techniques. 6 Action plans. 11 P1.3 Organise Work Activities to Meet Specifications and Standards. 14 P1.1 DEFINE ENGINEERING BUSINESS FUNCTIONS. On the whole, businesses can be very clearly defined and categorised using government and business standards. These categories include, but are not limited to: 1. Size- A company can generally be classified using the companies act 2006 as small, medium or large. According to the Office of National Statistics ( the definitions of small medium and large…show more content…
Advantages of being a PLC include increased means of raising capital by offering shares for sale, limited liability of the shareholders and they benefit from economies of scale due to their ability to make larger purchase orders etc. Disadvantages of such a company include the possibility that the founding owners can lose control of the majority shareholding, detailed financial reports must be produced annually and larger companies can become increasingly difficult to manage- a point that seems to be valid at VSS. Another assumption that we can make is that since the business has been trading since the 1960’s that they must have been relatively successful but recently, since ARG took majority shareholding and directed VSS to move premises, mistakes have become common and as a result complaints have followed. It is my understanding that ARG as the parent company must put strategies in place to rectify the issues at VSS- a point that I will discuss in more detail in further texts. Another assumption we can make with regards to structure and culture is that since VSS was formed it has probably never had a restructure to increase efficiency and that there is a broad hierarchical type structure. Complaints don’t seem to reach the correct people or get dealt with efficiently and some departments seem over staffed in relation to others. Also, we can assume that
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