Essay on Engineering Developments

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Engineering, in simple terms, is the application of science for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of society. In order for engineering to fully benefit society, engineering must continue progressing with this technologically advancing world. The most prominent advancements in engineering concern advancements in the field of medicine and health. Both engineering and medicine are so deeply correlated that current medicine would not be as advanced as it is nowadays without the assistance of engineering. If engineering had never advanced through the ages, then hip replacements, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bioengineered skin, and bioengineered food would not exist for the benefit of humans. Without the study of engineering, many…show more content…
Also, the engineering research done with artificial joint replacements has lessened the risk of these joint replacement surgeries. Through the modifications achieved through engineering research, many more people will continue to lead more active lives because they won’t be withheld by a failing joint (“Hip Joint Replacement”). Engineering is crucial for the development of furthering techniques for diagnosing ailments. One such technique that engineering research has had such an impact on is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The most important diagnose provided from MRIs is the diagnose of diseased tissues (i.e. cancerous tissues). This is significant because cancer is a growing concern in the world today due to its increasing death toll. However, MRIs weren’t always this successful in diagnosing. It was due to advancements in engineering research that allowed the success of MRIs today. Due to engineering advancements using technology, MRIs now have amazing abilities that allow it to discern tissues by their physical and biochemical properties. With advancing engineering research using technology, the images created MRIs have clearer resolutions that allow for more accurate diagnoses of diseased tissues. Through the technological advancements provided by engineers, the ability to diagnose diseases has improved greatly. Thus, saving the lives of many more people will become a reality. As MRIs continue to advance due to furthering engineering research, the
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