Engineering Developments Of The South Road Superway

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My inspiration for my research question came from the interesting and exciting engineering developments that are currently underway in Adelaide such as the South Road Superway. I have always wondered what roles engineers might play in these projects and developments and how they shape Adelaide through these projects. As I aspire to become an engineer, this topic was very relevant to me. I was curious to find what will be some likely challenges engineers might face in the future. My research question was to seek out the roles of engineers in society and how they may shape Adelaide using different methods of research to get an in depth knowledge. The most effective process of research was interviews in which the experts gave me first-hand…show more content…
At first, I gained an understanding of the roles of engineers in society and their contribution in it. This gave me the awareness to persist with my research of the roles of engineers in the present and in the future. By reviewing articles on the internet, I realised the changes that needed to be made to my research, which were to focus the research into the many aspects of engineering such as sustainability, problems faced by engineers and the impacts of new technology in engineering.
Web based research was helpful in developing a deeper understanding about the many roles of engineers in Adelaide and also the many engineering projects that are underway or recently completed. I found that the articles I annotated by the many institutes allowed for valid comparisons to be made between information from primary and secondary research process. . However, there were some limitations to the secondary research processes as some of the relevant topics had either bias or were not credible because the authors did not have reliable qualifications. I encountered bias on occasion when local newspapers or other organisation were discussing Adelaide and were not considering other cities and had no back-up of their knowledge and trying to persuade the reader to believe their claims. Bias is a problem because it can skew the figures and create inaccurate consequences, which can influence other
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