Engineering Ethical Responsibility And Environment

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Engineering Ethical Responsibility to Environment
“The rationale for teaching ethics to engineers seems fairly obvious. Their work has an enormous impact on the world.” Johnson.
Discussion of an engineer’s inherent interaction with the environment and environmental needs leads to an engineer’s responsibility to the environment. Since Joseph R. Desjardins report on environmental responsibilities, engineers are supported to design their project in total regards to what the situation requires avoiding conflict. The research looks at the ethical issues engineers should focus on while undertaking their projects.
Since the report by Grinter, engineering education has made significant progress in strengthening the core sciences in engineering. Recent trends towards increasing discussion of professionalism in the classroom notwithstanding, topics of professional responsibility have received surprisingly little attention in engineering over the last decade. The authors fear that professional responsibility may also have been underemphasized in the practices of engineering.
There are topics of concern that engineers should focus on because it relates to the interaction of an engineer with other people in the society like the clients, employers, employees, community, and the engineering profession as a whole. According to Whitbeck, engineers should study engineering ethics from the perspective of a moral agent as opposed to an honest judge.…
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