What Is The Highest Standards Of Integrity In Engineering

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Engineering ethics and why engineers are expected to use the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
Engineering is a very important part of society, all types of engineers are important for our world to keep running smoothly, from civil engineers designing, planning and overseeing structures like dams and bridges. Mechanical engineers who design, develop and build mechanical and thermal devices, including tools, engines and machines. They are the reason we have safe and comfortable transportation and efficient machinery that mass-produce products. Electrical engineering that deals with the manufacturing of electrical equipment such as electric motors, radar, navigation systems and power generation equipment. There are also chemical engineers, computer hardware engineers, computer software engineers, environmental engineers, geological engineers, industrial engineers, materials engineers, nuclear engineers and finally petroleum engineers, these are just some of the engineers that keep our world running smoothly and because of this great responsibility they’re expected to work to certain ethics and must have the highest standards of honesty and integrity, because if their work isn’t up to standard or if they make a mistake then potentially catastrophic problems could occur, this is why they’re expected to work to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
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There are quite a lot of different engineering ethics, some of the most general principles
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