Engineering Ethics. What’S Morally Acceptable Depends On

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Engineering Ethics What’s morally acceptable depends on where in the world one lives. Accepting a position can be very immoral. Balancing the general needs of an individual with the needs of the society at large that will provide the most benefit to the most people is very important as depicted clearly in the moral theories (Harris, Pritchard, Rabins, James & Englehardt, 2013). As it is said that humanity have a right to life, liberty and prosperity it’s very important for one to be very honest to respect individuals and protect the rights of others and making sure that in any way they do not make the to suffer with the choices we take. Since the best hope for saving the family’s farm would be for Gerald to find for employment as an…show more content…
Gerald is supposed to respond to the idea with an open mind. He is supposed to approach this interview not with the mind that it’s something that contradicts his integrity and rather be very clear with his approach. He is supposed to work with the organization and learn from the inside, this will strengthen him more and he will be able to challenge the organization. His decision on taking the job or not, holds on the wellbeing of his beliefs as well as the good of the society at large (Schlossberger, 2016). It is therefore of great benefit for him to go for the job instead. Gerald’s decision of taking the job will save the family’s survival of the farm and instead place him at a wider knowledge of learning on the measures that the will help the society as they carry out their faming activities. As advised by one of the friends I consider him going for the job since if he misses this opportunity and another person instead is given a chance who has the idea of organic farming in mind will create more harm to the whole society. Gerald should therefore go the job since with him having this job will be for the good of his family as well as the society at large. It is very clear that him having the job the family will therefore have a great deal in the family’s farm survival from the great loss due to the father’s treatment. This will also reduce the harm to the whole society at large as a result of someone else having the job who is zealous for pesticide.
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