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Precipitation hardening in 2024 Aluminum
Lab Report

Abstract “Age or Precipitation Hardening” effects on the 2024 Aluminum sample (Al-4%Cu) was investigated by conducting two sets of experiments on 5 samples. In the first experiment, 4 of the samples were artificially aged, and in the second experiment, only one of the 5 samples were naturally aged. In conclusion, it is concluded that the hardness of the samples is directly affected by the time and the temperature of the age hardening, so as the samples are age hardened longer and in a higher temperature, the hardness of them increases accordingly. Description of theory Age or Precipitation hardening is a widely used heat treatment method that is done to raise the strength (including
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The readings are in the following table

Sample # 3 5 8 0

Time remained in the furnace(min) 30 30 30 30

Hardness (HRB) 30.40 37.02 32.41 31.08

Table 3: Hardness readings of four sample hardness test results in 10 minutes after quenching into water

In order to perform an artificial aging on these 4 samples, they are transferred into a 190°C Furnace, then are removed separately after 3, 10, 60, and 120 minutes; Then all quenched into water, and their hardness tested. In addition to the above process, the hardness test of the samples # 5 and 3 are measured after a week (table 4).

Sample # 5 3 0 8 5 3

Aging Time (min) 3 min 10min 45 min 50 min 1 Week 1 Week

Furnace Temperature(°C) 190 1 190 1 190 1 190 1 190 1 190

Hardness (HRB) 64.53 66.30 59.28 60.50 69.23 65.70

Table 4: Four samples hardness test result after artificial aging


Discussion of results
As seen in the Fig. 2, there is a dramatic increase in the hardness (31.66 to 65HRB) of the material over a
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