Engineering Management

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Deepesh Rana EGMT 501 – 912 Prof Thomas Edwards Mid-term Project BACKGROUND INFORMATION REGARING THE ISSUE The issue I will be analyzing and investigating will be when an organization or department receives minimal or no funding whatsoever, how does the manager or the president of the organization keep everyone motivated enough to continue working with the same zeal and vigor. In addition, how can the team leader bring out the best in his/her subordinates despite all of them knowing that they have no money to play with and invest in activities that their organization is involved in. Being a student, I’ve mostly been involved in issues related to student organizations I’ve been a part of. The management issue I will be throwing…show more content…
As the president of the organization, I now not only just lead and manage a team, but I have to motivate my members to work beyond their capacities and make sure that each one brings his/her best out during such a year. I would have to regularly emphasize on the importance of team camaraderie and teamwork and how having no finances is not the end of the world for us. Knowing my team inside out would become utterly important so that I can assign tasks and duties to them based precisely upon what will keep each one happy in the organization and motivate them to keep going. Moreover, I will have to extend my own boundaries of work and try and lead by example from the onset. LAYING OUT A PLAN/VISION AND KNOWING MY SUBORDINATES With the present situation at hand, and as the president of the organization, I need to motivate my members to work beyond their usual and previous scope. However, to make that happen, I need to lay down a vision in front of my team that will not only motivate them, but also inspire them to work harder. John Kotter [1] points out that, “…leading an organization to constructive change begins by setting a direction – developing a vision of the future (often a distant future) along with strategies for producing the changes needed to achieve that vision.” He goes on to add that this is later followed by motivation and inspiring, which entails keeping people
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