Engineering Principles And Processes Of A Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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Engineering Principles and Processes 2
i. Briefly describe the difference between a “Hybrid Electric Vehicle” and an Electric Vehicle. 2 ii. With the aid of diagrams explain the difference between a Series and Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles. 2 iii. Research and outline the function, engineering principles and operation of the following parts of a Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Include suitable diagrams to aid your explanations. 3
• Regenerative braking 3
• Battery types used 3
• Electric motors 4 5
Internal combustion engine (Relate the information to HEVs) 5
Case Study – Toyota Camry Hybrid 6
i. Location and size of the manufacturing facility. 6 ii. Picture of your vehicle. 6 iii. List the technical specifications of
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ii. With the aid of diagrams explain the difference between a Series and Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
Both series and parallel hybrid electric vehicles primarily contain the same parts, however, they are configured differently. Both types of hybrid electric vehicle contain a gasoline-based engine, a battery which is rechargeable, an inverter, transmission and an electric motor. The main difference between the two, disregarding the difference in sizes of the separate parts, is that series hybrid electric vehicles have a generator whereas in a parallel hybrid electric vehicle the motor acts as a generator. Moreover, in a parallel HEV, the engine is directly connected to the wheels, however this is not the case in a series HEV.
In a parallel HEV, the motor and the combustion engine work in accordance to power the vehicle. The gasoline-based engine and motor are both connected to the transmission. As fuel travels to the engine or the battery is turned on, it propels the car.
In a series HEV, the motor is charged by the battery or generator (powered by gasoline-based engine). Thus, the gasoline engine does not directly propel the car, unlike in the parallel HEV. The transmission is responsible for determining how much energy is required and whether to retrieve it from the battery or the generator. Pictured above, is a parallel HEV system, as made obvious by the position of the electric motor and
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