Engineers' Concern for Our Environment

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If so, why, and what can be done about it? What is the role for an engineer?
 Introduction
A living organism cannot live by own we all know, all the organisms, such as human beings, trees, plants, animals, as well as our surroundings with which we interact, create our environment. All these parts of environment are dependent on each other for maintaining balance in nature. As we are the human beings the only organisms are changing the environment to fulfill our needs, it is our responsibility to control the imbalance created in the environment and take necessary steps to make balance., as a part of Industrialization all over the world the technology and industries are growing day by day for more production and quality, etc.. Image 1 Environment is a subject to keep in mind for engineers while creating a new project or renovating any industrial plant. Without proper planning or neglecting the outcomes of new improvements on environment in engineering related work can affect the humans residing nearby, can create devastation of land, and many others effects as discussed above. In history several incidents are happened that had affected the human lives and environment which will be discussed in detail in following paragraphs. So engineers should plan and work about how they can perform a project without creating any negative impact or minimizing the effect on the environment. The details for why the environment…
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