Engineers During The Battle Of The Bulge

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291st Engineers during the Battle of the Bulge SSG Abdel D. Phipps This essay illustrates and identifies the contributions made by Engineers during the Battle of the Bulge. The Battle of the Bulge (aka the Ardennes Offensive) was a major German offensive launched through the thinly forested Ardennes mountain region on the Western Front (History Net, 2015). Nevertheless, the battle ended up being a decisive allied victory, depleting an already weakened German army as both valuable reserves and equipment were lost. It will be discussed how the Engineers and their contributions affected the final outcome of the war as well as the future of the world itself. Additionally, the contribution U.S Army Engineer Regiment to help stop the German counter offensive in December 1944 will be assessed and evaluated. After the invasion of mainland Europe by allied forces in the summer of 1944, the German Army was on the defensive. The army was fighting two enemies and losing on both fronts. On their Eastern front, were the Russians who had been advancing and battling the Germans, to a stalemate and on their Western front (History Net, 2015), were the rest of the allies including America, the Free French Forces, as well as Soldiers and allies from many occupied countries (Kotz, 2007). The above mentioned forces, in December 1944 were maintining a momentum that had brought them to liberate many European countries, and forcing the Germans to do
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