Engineers of Victory by Paul Kennedy

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Engineers of Victory Author: Paul Kennedy Kennedy, P. (2013). Engineers Of Victory: the Problem Solvers Who Turned The Tide In The Second World War. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks Paul Kennedy did not write this book to explain the history of World War 2. In this book the author explains five major challenges the Allied powers had to overcome to win the war. Even thou these challenges were separate, they were all interconnected. Doctor Kennedy explains how the combinations of many events lead to a victory in the Second World War. This book consisted of five large chapters. Each chapter was about a small group of people who played a significant role in the victory of World War 2. The names of the chapters are: How To Get Convoys Safely Across The Atlantic, How To Win Command Of The Air, How To Stop A Blitzkrieg, How To Seize An Enemy-Held Shore, and How To Defeat The “Tyranny Of Distance.” Most of the events that are described in this book occurred between the Casablanca Conference of January 1943 and July 1944. The author goes through each of the five challenges one at a time, in the order that they occurred, linking all five challenges to explain how one event helped lead to another, and eventually lead to victory. In January 1943, the Allied powers met at the Casablanca Conference to come up with a plan for defeating the Axis powers. Their plan consisted of: taking control of the Atlantic, taking control of the airspace in Europe, and of storming the beaches
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