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Kien Nguyen Essay #2 07/31/2013 ENGL 100F/ 18:30-21:50/ M-T Chris Andrews An Emoticons Era Nowadays, with the non-stop developments of socioeconomics, it is an undeniable truth that technologies and social networks are playing a vital role in our daily life. We have come to the new era of communication when people can contact each other everywhere, at every moment. Thus, technologies are now the dominant factor in our communication today, since we have such an exceptional access to information and people. Truly, geographic limitation is now destroyed in terms of communication. However, we are becoming more ignorant about how these technologies are affecting our life every day. We are abusing these communicating methods without…show more content…
The movie Wall-E by Walt Disney has greatly depicted this problem that is happening in our modern world. Though the society in the Axiom is not the same as our society nowadays, we are heading there. Our social interaction are now becoming more reliant on technologies. People talking on the screen day and night, without knowing that they are becoming detached from the real world. We start to lose our own feelings for each other, we start to forget our own value in life. Thus, the real-life interactions are on its way to become a strange thing because we do not want to see each other. We created technologies so we can get closer to each other. Indeed, we created our own tragic flaw – we respect these devices more than we respect each other, and we are virtually becoming machines. The two characters in the movie, John and Mary, could have been the only ones that really communicated without the screen in front of them. They felt to be real human beings again. When they have opened their eyes, getting away from those technologies, they are happier than ever and nothing could distract them from living as real-human again. Without a doubt, technologies can be such an interruption that are destroying the communication among humans nowadays. Distraction is one of the most detrimental effects of technologies on our daily life. While these devices such as computers,
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