England Was The Most Powerful Country For A Very Long Time.

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England was the most powerful country for a very long time. They were unbeatable. In the history of our world, Europe had been dominant over any region. However, England was the main leader. England conquered various parts throughout the world and colonized the land and took total control, bringing in money, jewelry, and lot of other resources to England. Since America was separate from the world and no one knew it even existed, England started to colonize it as soon as Columbus spread the word, came along other European countries like France, with whom British had conflicts and caused the Seven Years War and the American Revolution. The colonist were mistreated and taken advantage by the British by being taxed unfairly.
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In response to the Coercive act,the colonists created The first Continental congress, and united with the Americans in order to Oppose against the British. After the British resistance to change, the continental congress began passing laws to eliminate the British Authority in the colonies. In 1776, the continental congress gathered the states to form their own government, which was later drafted by Thomas Jefferson known as the Declaration of Independence. On July 1776, the continental congress voted to approve a proposal to separate from Britain. Two days later, the declaration was adopted in the other 12 colonies.
As the declaration was signed on August 2nd, the independence war went on for about five years. Declaration of Independence was announced on July 4, 1776. It was on the second gathering of the continental government in Philadelphia. It led to war and declared the colonies as newly independent sovereign states. As the progress towards the independence was running, Thomas Paine, a political activist, who also argued in the favor or independence of the colonies. Paine was like a middleman for both sides, England in America and the people from the colonies. Even though his words

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