English 101 Memoir Essay

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The snow had all but melted away and the smell of spring filled the air. Just a few months of school were left; it was my eighth grade year. Much preparation and months of work had been done to get ready for the last dance of the year. It was the last dance of our middle school career and the excitement was building.

It all began with shopping. First with my girlfriends over the years, goofing off on trips to the mall trying on gorgeous flowing gowns for fun, and then it was finally time for me to buy one, finally a formal occasion where I got to dress up in a fancy gown with high heels, my Mom took me to the mall. Even though it wasn’t quite prom, it was still a formal dance, a celebration of completing middle school and entering into
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We burst out of the door, unveiling ourselves to the crowd outside. We felt like rock stars. Everyone had to get a few more pictures with other friends as they arrived and then we filed inside. The place was decorated from top to bottom, glittered stars hung from the ceiling, white Christmas lights twinkled all around, and glimmering gowns in every color made the entire venue sparkle. As a class, months earlier, we had chosen the theme, “I’ve had the time of my life”. The girls had pulled it from our favorite movie, “Dirty Dancing”, and I think the boys just went with it. We sat down for dinner where we were served our choice of meat, with rice or potatoes and a medley of veggies. Nobody ate much though, either because of nerves, vanity, or just plain desire to get to showing off our best moves, we wanted to boogie! After about an hour the tables were cleared off of the dance floor and it was time to the highly anticipated partying. The DJ played the hottest jams of 1999 and we danced the night away. Most of the girls were in their bare feet, unable to take the pain of high heels any longer as we busted our best moves. The night was coming to an end; parents were slowly showing up to collect their kids. The DJ announced it was the last song of the night. It was our theme song. Jaimie and I swayed together on the dance floor belting out the words we knew by heart when we heard what sounded like
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