English 1101: A Literary Analysis

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During the first semester of English 1101 there were times I struggled but, I did see progression in my work along the way. Looking back on my writings from previous years, my teachers have always noticed the amount of detail I put into my papers. What the noticed I struggled in was sentence structure and excessive use of run-ons. Turning in my first writing assignment this year, I noticed those problems were still there. I understood I needed to work on my simple mistakes in order to be at the college level writing that I’m expected to be at next year.
My literary analysis piece helped me noticed the mistakes I was making and made me really look at how I could change my writing for the future. Personally, when I finished my writings I felt very proud of the final piece. This was one that I felt proud about and thought it was overall a well written paper, until I received the grade and all
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When I was informed on how much it was going to be worth, I knew I had to do outstanding on it. I may of never go to over the habit of waiting till the last minute but, I did do my research a few days before the deadline date. I made every detail of my research was legally placed in my overall writing and that I put forth the effort that was going to earn me a good grade. When I received a mid A on it, I was relieved and I pinpointed the simple mistakes I made that could have been easily fixed. I was proud of myself and I felt as if this was a good reflection on how far I had come from in order put together a well thought piece like my research paper.
Overall I believe I prospered as a writer and I used my tools as a peer editor and other people’s help to better myself. If I were to give myself a grade for the whole semester, I would give myself an eighty. With this number in mind, I know there is still a lot of work to be done and that I’m doing to better myself for the
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