English 1101 Reflection

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Reflection of English 1101
The primary aim of English 1101 is to prepare the student to effectively communicate, and identify or create new knowledge in various spheres of life. English 1101 assisted me to have control over the writing conventions through extensive writing practice or reading, guided by evaluations and feedbacks from my course instructor. The course contains several topics namely; effective writing processes, rhetorical organizations methods, academic writing formats and styles, critical reading skills, researching, and citing the researched sources.
Personally, from the class of English 1101, I have learned on how to use the writing processes effectively, where the first step is to have a pre-write, which focuses on brainstorming ideas form either the group or from individuals’ brain for the required topic. The second phase of the process is the thesis statement, which is the primary idea of the entire essay. I discovered that the thesis statement should be persuasive and truthful. The third step is on developing drafts, where it showed me on how to focus on content, organization, and style. Again, I noted that I must ask myself who is my audience, and what do they want or need to hear.
Revising is another significant activity that I acquired from the course. As a writer, I have to fix some logical mistakes in my essay, check on the missing steps, the awkward transitions, and any confusing organization or outline. Proofreading is another step for the writing process, where English 1101 demand individuals to read out the revised paper loudly, to identify any mistakes that need correction. The last step is formatting, which has an aim of making the essay perfect. I discovered that I have to make sure my essay is appropriately formatted, meeting all the MLA style requirements.
In the course, I also acquired the necessary citation formatting used in academic writing, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turban. However, the course concentrates more on MLA referencing style. To avoid plagiarism or to acknowledge the work done by other authors, English 1101 taught me to identify all the phrases, ideas, quotations or images from someone else’s work, and cite them accordingly. According to
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