English 111 Narrative Paper

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Kaleigh Loehmer English 111 January 26, 2012 Un Nuevo Mundo As I placed the car into park, turned the key off and stepped into the crisp cold winter air, I begin to feel my pulse raise. With each step we took drawing us closer to the door, I felt my heart beating faster. With a quick turn of the ice cold door knob, I found myself standing in a whole new world. The food, the music, the faces, the language, everything was different than what I knew. For the first time in my life I was the minority in my small home town of Winamac, Indiana. New Year's eve was the first time meeting my Hispanic boyfriend's family, of course I had taken a few Spanish classes back in high school, but not even the most advanced class could have…show more content…
I was hugging people I couldn't even speak to, but that didn't matter. There were no language barriers for the shared symbolic meaning of a hug! After we all were done hugging was when the real party began. I was out on the dance floor twirling and swinging all around, dancing to music I couldn't even understand. I was having so much fun, we didn't stop till 5 a.m. . Celebrating the New Year with people you don't know, let alone can barely communicate with seems absurd. Most people would be quick to say no thank you, I believe that I too would have been that person to turn down this opportunity if it weren't for it being my boyfriend's family. I am so thankful and happy that I did get to experience this. I was scared and nervous at first, but this experience has opened my eyes to so many more opportunities. This New Year's experience will be one that I will never forget; it has intrigued me to learn much more about the Hispanic culture! Who knows maybe a trip to Mexico could be in my
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