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Deleon 1 Kayla Deleon English 1301 Mrs. Line 1 December 2014 A Critique of "Saudis In Bikinis" In The New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof discusses his outlook on the women of Saudi Arabia and their decisions on fashion in his column "Saudis In Bikinis." In the article, Kristof states that he believes Saudi women are repressed in their society and culture and proclaims "if the women prefer to remain second­class citizens, then I suppose that's their choice. But if anyone chooses to behave so foolishly, is it any surprise that outsiders point and jeer?" Despite Kristof's perspicacious yet benighted reasoning, one would say that Kristof, himself, may be unobservant regarding irrefutable aspects to his own culture. Cultural…show more content…
Some women in Saudi Arabia are alright with this and some may not be. Some long for freedom outside of Saudi and might want to accustom their life to live as a Western woman would, but they can't, so they follow their laws and their traditions in order to avoid any type of consequences. In the article, Kristof suggestively and clandestinely admits that he has no clue as to why Saudi women giggle and get excited over appealing, engaging, and attractive clothing, despite the fact that even if they do wear it, they have to keep it hidden underneath their cloaks. In actuallity: women do not dress to please men! Saudi women definitely do not. Author, Tracy Quan, replies to Kristof's column in a slant titled "Who's Repressed?" She states that "Educated American guys are often oblivious to fashion ­­ its history, its theory and even its practce. This is a cross that chic urban females have learned to bear. Thank goodness we don't really dress for these guys! Women routinely dress for other women ­­ something Kristof does not seem to realize, although men have been complaining about this phenomenon for generations." It is has come to several different understandings that Kristof's wording in his essay seems to be insulting to not only Saudi women, but women in general. His attacks against the Saudi women, referring to them as "giggly black ghosts" and constantly questions their choices while he was

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