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Roshonda Parker Dr. James H. Meredith English 2211 XTIAA April 25, 2014 1 .In the context of this poem and the other poems we read, what exactly do you think Bradstreet means here? (10 points) In the context of her religious situation, what does this poem say about her audience? In Anne Bradstreet’s Poem “The Prologue” The author is speaking out against the Puritans views on women and the roles they play in society at that time. In this era women were viewed as second class citizens. Women had no public influence the only time they could speak in public was to read the scriptures in church. In the following sentence “I am obnoxious to each carping tongue” the female author is saying that she ignores the negative and scornful remarks…show more content…
Strangely did the Lord provide for them; that I did not see(all the time I was among them) one man, woman or child die with hunger” (Rowlandson 283). Mary Rowlandson along with the other Puritans were taught and truly believed that the Indians were evil devil worshipping people. They felt they were unclean, one mission of the Puritans were to keep the Indians from learning about the Gospel. They believed that they were the only pure and holy people. Mary was astonished at the well of God in which directed the Indians in which she refers to as heathens toward a worthy purpose. Webster’s defines heathens as”an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible”. Through her eleven week captivity because of the miracles she witness she saw firsthand that God watched over and protected all people. “God had an over-ruling hand in all those things”. Work Cited: Rowlandson, Mary. “A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration.” Baym, Nina. Anthology of American Literature; Beginnings to 1820. 8th. A. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2007. 259-287.Print. 3. In this course thus far, we have looked at how the Puritans put a definitive stamp on the moral, religious, and intellectual character of this nation. In that

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