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ENGENG06 Course Assignment 3

As the student you should write your answer in the grey box  . You can click into the first box and then use the Tab key to move forward to the next box.
The tutor uses the grey box with the red outline to mark faults  and will write marks and comments in the grey fields below the exercise
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A. Vocabulary
Fill in the missing words and phrases in the correct form in the spaces in the sentences.

1. The basic ingredient  have been identified in each subject.
2. The Swedish curriculum  includes Swedish, English and Maths.
3. The teacher pointed out that Sean is very inteligent  for his age
4. After finishing this book, students may
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4. Helen and Clara are twins. none of   (Ingen av) them are interested in fashion.
5. When Harry is on the loose; anything   (vad som helst) can happen.
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F. Add the right tag question.
1. You’d do it again if she asked you, would n´t you? 
2. I hardly said a word, did I? 
3. She’s moved to London, has n`t she? 
4. Mr Knot won’t be here tomorrow, would he? 
5. She’s a secretary, is n´t she ? 
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E. Which idioms fit in the following sentences?
1. Now, bellyache  and don’t complain about the referee all the time.
2. “The die is now cast ,” said Caesar when crossing the Rubicon.
3. The coach always tried to    any defeat his team suffered.
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H. Writing
Two topics for discussion in chapters 4 and 5, the first is “Teenage Pregnancy” and the second is about “Different Methods in Education”. But you choose just ONE of the topics and try writing a composition based on the notes you have made. You get to choose the one that interests you most BUT remember a discussion composition is more than just a summary of the recording. You should discuss the topic you choose; include your own thoughts and views.

The text is about a girl who has become pregnant in her teens. She was scared when she found out that she is pregnant and is
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