English 99 - Morality And Professional Responsibility

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Aiesha Anchan
Hour 3

English 99 - Morality and Professional Responsibility

“English 99 ” - an essay by Frank Gannon, illustrates the experiences of teaching a college class on introductory writing. Gannon, the english professor, displays the characteristics of an amoral man: lacking moral sensibility (distinguishing what is right and wrong) which may cause consequences to himself or others. With a person like Gannon, one cannot expect much from his teaching methods. Gannon represents an adult whose amorality created the lack of professional responsibility and dependability for his students, resulting in him being an ineffective mentor.
Frankly speaking, there is a very limited correlation between intelligence and morality. But there is very intimate relationship between education and teacher morality. Even with Gannon’s field experience and deep knowledge on the foundations of writing, his moral code is very limited. As an educated individual, Gannon possessed the knowledge of the college’s true intentions of English 99 “The truth of the matter was that English 99 was there so that the college could get some money from these kids before they flunked out or quit” (Page 45). Gannon, knowing of the college’s scheme for extracting money from students, had the ability to inform them, saving precious time and money, but chose not to. Logically he wouldn’t because “‘Hey, I just work here’” (Page 45). What was he gaining from this? Nothing, thus there would be no purpose,
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