English 9A Reflection

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During my first semester of English 9A I found that the hardest book I read was the book our whole class read, To Kill A Mockingbird. I think the reason this was my most challenging book was because of the language and style of writing the author used. While reading the book, I had to learn how the author used certain terms such as “reckon”. I also picked up that the author used apostrophes to identify different accents for certain characters. In chapter 3 when Calpurnia was yelling at Scout, I noticed how the author changed words such as “company” to “comp’ny” and “them” to “‘em”. This was hard at first for me to get used to, but I quickly adapted to it making the book an easier read as I went along. One of my favorite books I read this semester was Winger by Andrew Smith. This also happened to be my easiest book to read this semester. I think…show more content…
I usually attempt to push further into a book when I feel it is getting to a low point, because most of the time it will pick up again. While reading “The 37th Parallel” by Ben Mezrich, I got to a point of very little action and excessive amounts of detail. When getting to this point I felt the urge to abandon the book, however I decided to stay with the book which was a good choice in the long run. I am proud that I didn’t abandon any of the books I read this semester. Although it wasn’t that bad of a book, I was most disappointed with “The 37th Parallel” by Ben Mezrich. I personally am not a fan biographies, but I tried to expand my horizons with this book. I found that this book had very little plot advancement and at some parts I felt overwhelmed with details. One of the most disappointing aspects to this book however, was the ending. The end of the book didn't feel any more influential or any greater than an end of an ordinary chapter. This wasn’t the most disappointing book I have ever read, but I was definitely let down by many parts of this
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