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Over the last few decade, the number of international student has risen not specially in the UK but all over the world. It is known that every nation has its own language, customs, cultures and traditions. This may effect the way of thinking or an academic style of reading, writing and another types of an academic style. This essay will evaluate linn,2009 claim that international student must learn a new way of thinking and writing when they come to study in the UK-type academic environment and outline the controversial point that should be considered.

Firstly, according to( linn,2009,p.3) English writers use explicit discourse marker which helps the writers to organize ideas and also helps reader follow along from one sentence to
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However, in an English academic writing, writers tend to restrict the amount of metaphor ,whereas Arabic writers do no seem to make this distinction for academic writing. This seems to be true because there are an disadvantages of metaphorical usage. Perhaps most importantly it can be said that metaphorical usage may lead to stereotyping, which not based on fact but it based on other opinion. For example, linn thinks that all Asian student are circular or all Americans are good at math. Of course it just an opinions not fact some Americans are not good at math. In addition, metaphors could use to obscure reality, confuse and influence the readers. For instance, metaphors are one of the ways that doctors might avoid telling the truth to the patients. In contrast, it is difficult to ignore the features of metaphorical usage to described psychological theories. It can be said that teachers and student should sensitized to the power of metaphors.

According to (linn,2009,p.2,p.3) it is possible that academic writing in some countries are influenced by its cultures and traditions, which also effect students choice of evidence in supporting their main ideas and how they express their main ideas. It can be said that the structure of academic writing. This seems to be true because there are three point that should be considered. Firstly, traditional culture not only influences the views of the world, ways of thinking, people‘s behaviors but also the

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