English, American, and French Revolutions Essay

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English, American, and French

The three most prominent revolutions in recent western history are The English 'Glorious' Revolution, The American Revolution, and The French Revolution. The despite these events being separated by nearly a century, several thousand miles, or both, all three of the revolutions share the same causes, were brought forth by the same idealism, and had similar outcomes in which a document was produced to secure the rights and freedoms for the future.

While there were a large number of causes for each war, and an even larger number of events and escalations that occurred to set the stage, one theme in particular rings true throughout all three. The idea of being governed without
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Much like the English revolution, the French Revolution was largely caused by a leader denying his subjects their percieved right of representation in government. There, due to looming financial problems, the state attempted to levy additional taxes without an elected body to approve them. The French Parlement rejected this idea and insisted on the Estates General as the only body able to allow this. Despite the efforts of many to establish the Estates General to ratify the taxes, the Kings blatent disregard for the peoples concerns over the abuse of power quickly pushed the country to war.

But for all the good will earnt more was lost as the king and his government began forcing laws through using the arbitrary practice of lit de justice. The king is even recorded as responding to complaints by saying "it's legal because I wish it" (Doyle 80). Ultimately, France went bankrupt the people would accept no more.

This theme of abuse of power and subjection of citizens to the whims of a government removed from the will of the people continues into the American Revolution. The British were looking for money to pay for the French and Indian War, and decided upon establishing new taxes on goods into the