English And English: Dialect Of English Language And Language

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"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. -Samuel Johnson
What exactly Hinglish Dialect is?
“Hinglish” is not the inappropriate blend of English and Hindi languages. Neither it is a code switching which is switching from one sentence in English then to another sentence in Hindi. Although, there are not strict rules for Hinglish. But in author’s opinion any sentence which has 1) Words in these ( Hindi & English) languages 2) Grammar and sentence structure is maintained in Hindi
3) Hinglish is very easier to learn when compared to English to the Urban people of Delhi
A blend of the words from "Hindi" and "English" languages.
I feel very amazed and amuse to focus on this topic .“Hinglish” is the innovative enthusiasm that I have found and it's relatively addictive. It's a bliss to learn such innovative things . Communities in urban areas don't speak in English except they consider it confidently . Unless & untill ,they feel comfortable , then only they start speaking and this process can take up to several years. So what they do is start adding up English words in their Hindi
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Deposit in the elegant and ruthless sections of Bombay and New Delhi, it pursues a stretched cluster of characters that are undeniably the creation of their set and moment: post-Independence, urban, westernized, and entirely Indian. The work is an impersonation on the communal spoof of Paro. It's a comical narrative because it picks up from one of the characters in Paro. And it's a social comedy set in contemporary Delhi, a place known for high comedy. New Delhi is a coldblooded city yet writers endure here. The sensitivity of a writer will be affected, living in the
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